Edison Bulb Multi Pendant Chandelier

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Copy of UC-18L Medium

Create a focal point in your room with this 18 pendant chandelier, it features a mixed combination of twisted pendant cord and socket colors.

Base: 19" x32" stained Ebony Black
Sockets: Satin, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Antique brass, Copper, Nickel
Cord: IVory, Gold, Bronze, Red, Blue, Grey, and Black twist
Pendants: 18
Longest bulbs hangs 28" from base.
Bulbs: 18 included as shown

LED Bulb Upgrade:

The bulbs look the same as pictured but they are LED and are rated at 15,000 hours each, dimmable and are 1-3.5 watts each and give off almost no heat.

Contact info:
T 310-744-1988